Photoconductive Cell

Photoconductive cell is a two terminal semiconductor device. Its resistance will vary (linearly) with the intensity of the incident light. It is frequently known a photo-resistive device. It is some what different from LDR. The photoconductive materials most frequently used include cadmium sulphide (Cds) and Cadmium selenide (CdS). Both materials reasonably rather slowly to changes … Read more Photoconductive Cell

Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)-Construction and Working

Light Dependent Resistor

Optoelectronics devices are the devices that alters their electrical characteristics, in the presence of visible or invisible light. The various types are light dependent resistor (LDR), photodiode and phototransistor. Construction of Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) Light dependent resistor (LDR) are made from cadmium sulphide which contains no or very few free electrons when not illuminated. … Read more Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)-Construction and Working

Transducer Classification

Bulb working as transducer

The device which converts energy from one form to another form is known as a transducer. The input energy may be Electrical, mechanical, Thermal, Chemical, or Optical. These are used to measure non-electrical quantities. For example Pressure, Force, Velocity, Ph Value, Temperature, Light intensity.  It is a device that is connected to the sensor. It … Read more Transducer Classification