What is n and p-type semiconductor?

Question: What is n and p-type semiconductor? Answer: n and p-type semiconductors are extrinsic semiconductors. A detailed explanation of n and p-type semiconductors is given … Read more


An n-type Semiconductor is_________

Question: An n-type Semiconductor is_________ Answer:The correct option is(3)An n-type Semiconductor is electrically neutral because the process of doping, which introduces extra charge carriers, does … Read more


Diffusion Capacitance is Present in

Question: Diffusion Capacitance is Present in: Answer: The correct option is (2)Diffusion Capacitance is present in the forward-biased p-n junction diode because the movement of … Read more


Diffusion Capacitance of PN Junction Diode

Question- Diffusion Capacitance of PN Junction diode_________ A. Increases linearly with forward bias voltage.B. Decreases linearly with forward bias voltage.C. Increases exponentially with forward bias … Read more