How a Program is Executed in Microprocessor

flow of signal for execution of a stored instruction

Intel Microprocessors work on the stored program concept, i.e., instructions are stored in memory. To execute a program, microprocessor fetches the instructions one by one and executes them in the same sequence and then executes them. The flow of signal for the execution of a stored instruction in figure below. Microprocessor performs the following steps … Read more How a Program is Executed in Microprocessor

Microprocessor Pin Description – 8085

Pin Configuration of 8085

In this article we will discuss 8085 microprocessor pin description. 8085 Microprocessor is a 40 pin IC which operates on +5 volt power supply and 3MHz frequency. These 40 pins are divided into six groups according to their functions. These groups are: Frequency and power supply signals Higher order address bus Multiplexed address/data bus Control … Read more Microprocessor Pin Description – 8085

8085 Microprocessor Architecture

8085 microprocessor architecture

In this article we will discuss about 8085 microprocessor architecture. The 8085 microprocessor architecture consists of five parts which are as follows: Register unit Control unit Arithmetic and logical unit Interrupt unit Serial IO unit These five units consist of other internal parts. These units of 8085 microprocessor architecture are helpful in understanding the microprocessor. … Read more 8085 Microprocessor Architecture

Microprocessor Introduction


What is a Microprocessor The word microprocessor was introduced by Intel Corporation. 4004 was the first commercial microprocessor by Intel on November 1971. A microprocessor is a single chip CPU which contains control and logic circuits. It is capable of performing arithmetic and logical operations. It consists of an arithmetic and logical unit, register unit … Read more Microprocessor Introduction

Instrument Transformer-Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer

Instrument transformer are special type of transformer. Because we use them to increase range of ordinary ammeters and voltmeters. We use them in AC system measurement for measurement of electrical quantities. It also find it application in protective relays for the protection of power system. The basic function of instrument transformer is to step down … Read more Instrument Transformer-Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer

Transducer Classification

Bulb working as transducer

The device which converts energy from one form to another form is known as a transducer. The input energy may be Electrical, mechanical, Thermal, Chemical, or Optical. These are used to measure non-electrical quantities. For example Pressure, Force, Velocity, Ph Value, Temperature, Light intensity.  It is a device that is connected to the sensor. It … Read more Transducer Classification

Synchroscope Construction and Working

Electrodynamic synchroscope

Synchroscope is used to synchronize two alternators. Synchronize means that the machine of equal frequency and voltage are operating parallel to each other. We connect the alternator in parallel with one another with bus bar to shore the load. In electrical power system, a synchroscope is a device which indicates the degree to which two … Read more Synchroscope Construction and Working

Galvanometer Type Measuring Instrument

Galvanometer is a basic electrical instrument. We use it to detect current in a circuit. Sometimes for measuring their magnitude also. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION OF GALVANOMETER It works on the principle of conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. When we place a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field. Then it experiences a force. … Read more Galvanometer Type Measuring Instrument

Difference Between Moving Iron and Moving Coil

The basic difference between the Moving iron and Moving coil instruments is that. A moving iron instruments uses a soft iron whereas moving coil instrument uses a coil as moving mechanism. Comparison Table Properties Moving Iron Moving Coil Construction Iron is used as moving mechanism Conductor Coil is used as Moving mechanism Working Principle Magnetism … Read more Difference Between Moving Iron and Moving Coil

Dynamometer Type Instrument Construction and Working


Dynamometer type measuring instruments are similar to PMMC instrument. Except that the permanent magnetic field coil is replaced by a coil which carries the current to be measured. Such instruments may also serve as transfer instruments. A transfer instrument is that which may be calibrated with dc source and then used on ac without any … Read more Dynamometer Type Instrument Construction and Working